Top New and Proven Marketing Strategies to Market Your Agency Online

As the landscape has significantly changed over the last year, so have the marketing strategies to generate new business for your digital agency or freelance business. You may have experienced more new business than you could handle as businesses started focusing on their online strategies. But what comes next? If businesses focused on their online strategies over the last year, is that going to leave the majority of businesses set for the coming years? And if so, how should you be positioning?

I can’t tell you how many agency friends I’ve talked to over the pandemic, they were all so busy with the demand that was generated. If you look at a business cycle through a larger lens, those efforts of companies designing new marketing materials, designing new websites, developing marketing strategies, all happened at once. Now those same companies will start to see the benefits of those efforts. They are not going to need a new website or marketing collateral anytime soon. The demand is likely to drop, so competing for that business is going to get harder.

As we start to see the tail end of this cycle play out, here are some time tested and time appropriate methods to prepare your digital agency or freelance business for the next phase.

Local SEO

I can tell you from experience, the efforts to improve your local seo will pay off tremendously in the long run. Although it is a global marketing, something feels good about working with a great marketing agency in the same city. I love to meet face-to-face and brainstorm, meet clients out for lunch, and run in them around town.

The main way to be found at the right time, it to be found during the initial research phase when a client is searching in Google for a web design agency, marketing agency, graphic designer, or whatever it is that your business does.

Here are three very easy strategies to start your local SEO.

Add your full address to your website. Add it on your contact page, and to the footer of your website. Make sure to add your phone number as well.

Advanced Techniques: If you have the skills, program in Googles local business schema. If you are on WordPress, Yoast Local Listings has an add-on that will help you set up local listing schema.

Add your city into your homepage content. A mistake I see very often is companies leaving the city out, trying to rank and compete on a national scale. Unless your site domain has a lot of age, a lot of great content, and a lot of effort put into ranking nationally, you are not going to have any success. Start with your local area first. If you are in Pensacola Florida, search for your service and add “in pensacola” to the search. Better yet, watch the search while you type and see if Google plugs the auto-complete in for you.

Use this knowledge for your benefit. If you are one of the top marketing agencies in Pensacola, Fl, add that to the homepage. Say, “Voted one of the top digital marketing agencies in Pensacola, FL“. That will help search engines understand where you are located and where you do business.

Add your address to all social media platforms and make sure it matches the address on your website. Search engines love verification and consistency. Add your exact address to all of your business social media platforms.

Local Listings

Local listing sites are also a great opportunities to be discovered in search, gain backlinks to your website, and verify our address and details to search engines. There are hundreds of them out there, so here is a time-hack to help you find the ones you need. Search for your your services in your city and see what comes up on the first three search results pages. If you see Yelp, add your listing to Yelp. If you see Yellow Pages, add your listing there. At minimum add your listing to Google maps through “Google my Business”.

Pro tip: One of my favorite tools to manage all of the local listing platforms is Yext. It might look a little costly at first, but factor in all of the hours in a month or year that you would be adding and managing all of the listings it will do in minutes.

yext local listings for seo

Social Media

In case you skimmed over the comments above, the first step here is to make sure your address, domain name, company name, phone number, and services all match what is on your website, and match each other. Consistency confirms to search engines the basic foundation of what your website and company provides.

Next, use social media to market you agency, not by talking about your business or agency, rather by talking about and to your customers. There are many philosophies out there, you’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule. That’s great, but a little complicated if you don’t like match. And after all, we are creatives, so math uses the other side of the brain. How about we go with this old phrase, “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.” Break your strategy up into 4 sections every week, and repeat. Let’s look at an example.

Something old: A past customer you worked with, what their struggle was, why they needed your help, how that customer was helped by the things you did together, and how that customer is now. Basically, a customer focused case study.

Something new: What is the latest and greatest thing that has happened in your industry. Maybe Facebook went down for 6 hours, maybe a new technology like Bootstrap 5 was launched. Something that shows you are on top of the trends and also educating your customers at the same time.

Something borrowed: I had tremendous success in marketing by reaching out to industry peers on social media, asking their insights about a specific topic, compiling that in a post, and tagging the sources. All of the information was borrowed and citied, and it was tremendously helpful to my client base. Don’t be afraid to share peers post, content, and insight, it puts you and your business in the conversation.

Something blue: Be creative with this one. It could be anything from supporting a cause, to sharing personal experiences, to sharing captivating landscapes with blue tones. This is your wildcard, this is your “thing” that makes you, you! I know of a Pizza marketing agency that shares photos of pizza, and they always get my attention in the social feeds, I really love pizza!

None of these things say anywhere, “buy my, look at my, i’m so awesome.” Instead they say, “I love my customers, I love my industry, and I love being creative!”.

Marketplace Listings

This is one of the best strategies I ever implemented, and is exactly why I built Convurt. In the past, customer have had to search Google, look through a hundred different websites, make a decision based on the sites information, reach out to those companies and wait. Then the customer would find out the budget didn’t match, the company was to busy, industries were not aligned, skills were not aligned, or a handful of other reasons.

Then the directory model came in, which solved a lot of the legwork. Now customers could see a ranking of agencies all in one place, which speeds up the process of reaching out. I generated the bulk of new customers this way when running an agency. This strategy is a must-have.

There are a handful of digital marketplaces out there, they range in price, but if you have a great sales process and great work, it will be the best ROI on the market right now.

Pro tip: The marketplace you are on right now, Convurt, is the newest marketplace in the industry. We have combined the Marketplace 1.0 of reviews and ranking, with AI project matching, a job platform, freelance partnership capability, internal communication ability, and online payment capabilities.

Current Customers

Current customers are a great resource for marketing and referrals. Ask customers for reviews on review platforms like Convurt, Google My Business, Yelp, and your own website. Meet with them in-person and do a video review, they will appreciate you going the extra mile to do something special

Also make sure to stay in touch with your current and past customers. Send a regular email newsletter, follow them and engage with them on social media. Celebrate them when something good happens. Do not over-market to them, they have done business with you, they do not need to be sold, they just need to be appreciated.

If you have a good relationship with your customers, you will be the first person they go to. They will also want to refer you when they hear that someone is looking for a service you offer. Speaking of services you offer, make sure to give customers a post-project wrap up thank you “brochure” listing the services you provide. If they worked with you for web design, they might not know you also do photography.

Mention to them how important referrals are. If they think you are to busy or don’t need a referral, they will be less likely to give you one.

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