How to Land a Remote Job With the New Digital Agency

The Digital Agency Has Changed

If you have been in the digital agency world or have been watching it closely over the last year, how it operates is changing quickly, and for the better. As online commerce was accelerated by many years, some experts say as much as five years, businesses have come to rely heavily on their website, social media channels, and online marketing channels, all services that are relied heavily on by digital agencies.

Because businesses are relying so heavily on these digital marketing channels, and many small businesses do not have this expertise in-house, they are calling on agencies to assist them in building and managing these channels.

This has many agencies scrambling to find the resources to deliver services to these new customers. These agencies have now discovered over the last year, these new employees do not have to be in the office, they can look for top talent anywhere as they have learned how to operate remotely.

How Is The Digital Agency Working Now

The new digital agency has discovered, by necessity, that they can work with a distributed workforce, and they can do it very effectively with all of the tools available on the market. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and she has just showed us how the agency work-life balance is something that can be!

The new digital agency is busy, but the tools that have been implemented over the past year are helping to make workload more efficient. If you are looking to work remotely in a new agency world, learn these tool and how to use them. Take a look at some of the most popular tools agencies are using. If you can add these to your skills and resume, you will have an edge over those that do not know them.

  • Asana: Project Management System
  • Google Workspace: Collaboration, Email, Documents, Sheets
  • WordPress: Website CMS and Blogging Platform (This one is a bonus, many agencies use this platform)

One of the most important lessons agencies are learning is that they can gave a virtual, distributed team. The benefits of this is smaller or no office space which reduces overhead, and finding top talent specializing in the positions they are hiring for. If you have experience working with remote teams, or even managing remote teams, make sure to add examples to your resume, and discuss how efficient you are working in this way.

How Is The New Digital Agency Hiring

Agencies are looking for the best talent within their budget, and if they are willing to have a distributed workforce, the cost-of-living opens up relatively better talent. Consider this, would you be able to take a lower salary if you lived in middle Florida, versus San Francisco, California. You would be able to take a substantially lower salary in Florida due to the major differences in cost-of-living and taxes. One of the top deciding factor in hiring is salary range, agencies should be listing their salary range on the job listing, and should be up front about what the range is. This will help attract candidates that match.

A second criteria agencies are looking for when hiring is past experience. If an agency is looking for a WordPress designer, and your past experience is mainly social media marketing with a little WordPress design, you will most likely be skipped over with all of the resumes they are looking at. If you do have a lot of experience in WordPress, create a second resume that highlights WordPress design as on of the top skills and most recent positions. Agencies are looking through hundreds of resumes, and as a hiring manager for many years, resumes got less than 10 seconds before I moved on. If you can’t scan through and see the main keywords you are looking for jump off the screen, you move on.

Digital agencies are also looking for creativity, and not just design. They look for creativity in how you approach projects, timelines, peers, and problem solving. Agencies are fueled by creativity, so if you apply, don’t be surprised to see them on your social profiles. Also, make sure you connect with them on their social profiles and learn about their creativity, choosing to work with an agency is a two-way street.

Having a well rounded agency team is very important, agencies will be looking at your top experiences, agencies will also be interested in your secondary skills. It is very hard in the agency world to be so niche that all you need is one skillset. It never fails, a great SEO agency will always get asked to do Google Ads, just like a design agency will also we asked about website development. So while an agency may be looking for a specific skillset like WordPress development, they are also reviewing secondary skillsets to see if they can fill in any voids in their team.

Where Are They Looking For Employees

It might not surprise you that agencies are looking online to recruit top talent, but where are they looking and how do you find them? And how fast you find them makes a difference as well. If you can be one of the first applicants and your resume is in-sync with what they are looking for, you will probably get some extra time. After 24 hours through, when the resumes start flooding in, you are going to be back to getting about 10 seconds to make a first impression. Here are the top places to look.

  • Convurt: This is a highly targeted job and work site. It’s coming soon, so your profile will get low, but targeted views.
  • Indeed: The giant in the industry. It is very crowded, you’ll get lots of traffic, but not a lot of time.
  • LinkedIn: A lot of competition, growing in popularity, very crowded.

The big players in the industry are crowded. The challenge is the amount of resumes to look through that are not a match. When you look through twenty unqualified candidates to find one, you begin to expect them to be unqualified and look through them quickly trying to find the one that stands out.

How To Stand Out

One candidate still stands out for me, he stood out in the recruiting process, I hired him, and many years later he is still with the company. I was hiring for a graphic designer position. I checked the mail one day, and in the mail was a small package from someone. I opened the box and inside was a rock with a note under it. I picked up the rock and looked at it for a minute, and then picked up the note. On the note it read, “I just took a moment out of your busy day with only a a rock. Imagine what I can do my design.” That was the creativity I was looking for in every aspect, and I immediately sent him and email to request an interview. So, think about things that no one else might do, it is an agency, and it is a creative atmosphere, so be creative.

Social media is another way to stand out. Do a TikTok resume and send it during the application process. Record an Instagram Reel and talk about your skills and creativity, send that to the Instagram account. Mention the companies name, tag them, this will have another benefit, and you’ll love this one! If company A likes you, and they see that you have also applied to companies B,C,&D, you will move forward faster and might even get a better offer.

As we wrap up, here are three things you can use to stand out today in the search for your next career.

  • Designed resume: Use nice fonts and colors, and make the specific skills and your title match the job description.
  • Social media: Use social media, follow the companies you like, create content showcasing your skills and tag them
  • Video: Probably the most underutilized channel and will most likely have the biggest impact

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