Sign Up As An Agency

When you sign up as an agency, you have the ability to give your clients a code which connects them directly to your agency on the app.  Your clients can also search for you by name, so make sure you fill out your agency profile in it’s entirety to make it easier for your clients and potential prospects to find your agency.

Joining as an agency is free, and the application is fully functional for you.  Some of the things you can do are:

  • Set up and manage suggested topics for your clients
  • Set up and manage their calendar for push notifications
  • Clients can record their voice content and it will come directly to your dashboard
  • You can manually convert the voice content into any content you would like
  • You can have it automatically transcribed for you
  • You can have a professional and complete blog post written by one of our freelance copywriters
  • You can push the post directly to their WordPress blog as a draft or many other platforms through our Zapier app