Convurt® – Voice to Blog App for Freelance Copywriters

Convert customers voice recordings into professionally written blog post.

Earn Money While Working From Home

Convurt® is an app and management dashboard that helps people reach their content goals.  We took the voice-to-text concept and created a new process,  which takes voice all the way through to professionally written content, formatted and ready to be pushed directly to your website as a blog post.

Customers simply use the app and talk about the content they would like written.  They  talk about all of the important details that makes their piece of content unique, and submit that to be written by a professional copywriter.

As the copywriter, you listen to their voice recording and create a well written piece of content, usually in the form of a blog post.


Convurt app homescreen

The driving force behind Convurt® is to make it quick and easy to get content ideas out of your head and into the hands of someone that can make it sound really great!  And then send it directly to your website and social media without all of the technical hoops, the clicking and the button pushing!  It’s a tool to help customers, agencies and content creators all work better together.

Joel Black

Founder, Convurt