Convurt® – Voice to Text App for Content Writers

Convurt can help content creators in 3 ways, depending on what type of writer you are.  If you only write for yourself, a user account is where you want to be.  If you write for clients, an agency account will help you tremendously.  If you are looking to make extra money writing for others, a freelancer account will get that done!

Convurt app homescreen

User Accounts

With a user account, you can set up your own calendar notifications, manage suggested topics, and have your voice converted to professional blog posts.

Agency Accounts

With an agency account, you can manage your clients with calendar push notifications, suggested topics, and voice recordings pushed to your account as audio or text.

Freelance Copywriter Accounts

With a freelancer account, you can convert voices to professionally written blog post and get paid to do it

Tools For Agencies & Content Managers

Register as an agency and clients can connect with your agency in the app either by searching for your name, an agency code you create, or by our recommended agency feature.  After you are connected to a client, you can manager their calendar, suggested topics, and voice recordings are saved in your account under the client.  Convert the content internally, use our voice-to-text conversion engine, or get professionally written content from our pool of copywriters.  Finalized content can be automatically pushed to the clients blog as a draft post through our integrations.


Agency screen in Convurt App
Homescreen of Convurt app

For The Non-Techie

Convurt® is simple and easy to use.  Simply start recording and talk about the topics you know best.  When you are finished with your recording, save it and send it.  You have options to store the voice recording in the cloud, have it converted by our voice-to-text engine, have a transcriptionist convert it using proper sentence structure and grammer, or have it completely written by a professional copywriter with proper titles and structures.

Easy Workflow With Integrations

Use our WordPress plugin or our Zapier integration to push content to your website, social media, and just about everything in between!

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Earn Money While Working From Home

Convurt® is an app and management dashboard that helps people reach their content goals.  We took the voice-to-text concept and created a new process,  which takes voice all the way through to professionally written content, formatted and ready to be pushed directly to your website as a blog post.

Customers simply use the app and talk about the content they would like written.  They  talk about all of the important details that makes their piece of content unique, and submit that to be written by a professional copywriter.

As the copywriter, you listen to their voice recording and create a well written piece of content, usually in the form of a blog post.  



Convurt app homescreen