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As business owners, we never have time to write blog posts. We sit down at our computer and suddenly we’re engaged in the constant flow of emails, questions, phone calls, and more. It’s an issue that simply comes with the territory! However, as business owners we also know that in order to get our brand out there, we need to keep a lively blog. In fact, over 61% of consumers use blogs to make their ultimate purchase decision. But where do you find the time to sit down and write a well thought out, linked, blog? Luckily, we’ve created an efficient way to not only write blog posts, but a better way to write a winning blog post, without you ever having to touch the keyboard.


It’s Not Just About Knowledge

Through no fault of your own, being a business owner doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a great writer. Take engineers for example, they can talk about their operations and maintenance systems all day in the most comprehensive terms, but that doesn’t mean they can flesh those ideas out into an engaging, fun piece of content for their general audience to read. However, a new app called Convurt is a great service for busy business owners to speak on a topic and send it to a copywriter for a full write-up!

Convurt makes it possible for a business owner to pick up their phone on the way to the grocery store, the office, a business meeting, or virtually anywhere and begin talking about the next blog post they want to feature on their site. They then upload their recorded voice to a copywriter who also uses the app, and that copywriter creates a beautifully written, finished product that’s ready for your blog page. Having these very efficient, very well written blog posts will help optimize your SEO and invite people to look around your site.

The Facts and Figures

Blogging at least once a week should be your minimum weekly output goal if you run a small business. Every time you publish a blog, the number of pages on your website increases. This gives search engines a larger opportunity to crawl your site, pick out your keywords, and boost you to the top of search results. In fact, business owners who have a steady blog enjoy an ROI that is 13x higher than businesses who don’t blog.

Think of it like this: if consumers don’t know who you are, they can’t be your next client. By simply enforcing a steady stream of information weekly or monthly, you’ll have a greater chance of turning consumers into conversions. And the greatest part about that is that Convurt makes it completely efficient to turn out those results in under 5 minutes of recording your voice.

The era of business today means the average business owner is completely swamped with a list of other obligations. Meeting a quota of one, two, or ideally four blogs a week is simply not possible without distractions. With Convurt, all it takes is five minutes of your time to potentially increase your lead base by up to 59%. With an opportunity like that, there’s no second guessing Convurt’s value. Shoot us an email today to see how we can help your business expand its content output in just minutes.