What is more of an efficiency killer than being in the zone writing a post, and then having an important question that takes you two hours to get the information you need?  Well, we solved that in Version 1.3 of Convurt.  Now, as you are converting the users voice and writing your blog post, you can ask the client a question with chat and it will send a push notification immediately to their phone. All they need to do is swipe and reply, and you have your answer without wasting any time at all!

chat on phone with convurt

Chat For Copywriters and Customers For Better Blog Posts

As you are converting the users voice to a professionally written blog post, carry on a conversation with them real-time through the app and make sure you have the best information to create an awesome blog post. And for customers, if the voice is being converted, a speech bubble will show beside the voice title where they can also initiate a conversation. This new chat feature makes the entire process smoother, and the finished product to be right on point. Save Money and time with the new Convurt chat feature.

chat on web app for copywriters

Efficiency App For Agencies and Copywriters

As a copywriter, the most efficient use of time is to sit down and focus on one blog post at a time. If you get stuck on a question that only the client knows, you have to put the task on hold while you get the information, then come back later and try to get into the zone again. Now that Convurt has rolled out the new chat feature, get answers from the client immediately and keep moving on that awesome piece of content.

Better Content From Your Copywriters

For customers, with the new chat feature, you can feed the copywriter real-time information to make sure they have all of the professional insight that is in your head, plus get the last minute ideas in that you forgot in your voice recording.