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Amazing place to locate your business in Miami while having a great office space and helpful staff. Thank you Starthub!

Andrea Azacon review for WebWorkx
Andrea Azacon
May 21, 2022

5-Star Experience. I used to use Q office Spaces and am so glad I switched to Starthub Miami. For starters, Q lacked technology. Seriously, at Q I had to keep my fingers crossed that my mail would not get lost. Starthub is a delight. I get timely emails when my mail arrives and free scanning services to let me know what I got without leaving my home. On top of that the staff is top-notch, friendly, and competent; the price point is beyond competitive. I highly recommend Starhub Miami. I am really glad I dropped Q and made the switch; you will be too!

R L review for WebWorkx
Apr 04, 2022

They provide a top notch service. Everything was smooth from day one and they were great about going above and beyond to help our business be successful. Very professional. A clean environment. Fantastic response time.

Scott Kaufman review for WebWorkx
Scott Kaufman
Jan 05, 2022

Whether you just need a desk or a private office, this is the best place in Downtown Miami to get it. I needed to get out of the apartment for two months and they were able to accommodate me for a short term rental (but also offer long term rentals as well. Most of the people working there are in long term agreements). The price was more than fair. The office staff is wonderful. Getting signed up and in the door was very easy and the office admins are really helpful and keep everything well-stocked, and organized. I highly recommend this office space.

Other notable things: StartHub office: The coffee machine is amazing. Free little snacks and drinks all the time. Fresh pastries brought in occasionally. Lots of windows and glass walls make for lots of natural light. The chairs are comfortable and desks are nice and allow for cable management. Cleaning crew to collect trash and vacuum comes through at the end of every day. The office is always locked after business hours. They have a nice big conference room in the office that's available to reserve.

Building: Front door to the building locks after business hours and there's a great 24/7 security team. Not a very tall building so the wait for elevators is never long and they were never broken.

Location: In a nice part of downtown. Lots of restaurants close by. Starbucks and Jimmy Johns right across the street. Metro mover stations and bus stops are close. Decently close to to the Brightline. Parking is close by also.

Cy Kondrick review for WebWorkx
Cy Kondrick
Feb 04, 2021

Great place to get some work done. The start up hub is super clean and the atmosphere is second to none. I prefer this spot to any of the weworks in Miami. They have great flex desk options as well 24/7 access for members.

anirgu review for WebWorkx
Jan 06, 2020

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