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I’m working with Wayward Kind on my first digital marketing campaign ever. Working with the team at this company has been a wonderful experience for me in my business. I think that Jules is an industry leader in terms of the way that she puts together a holistic approach for helping businesses like mine to become more visible. I would recommend her, and have recommended her, to many of my clients who are looking for the same type of services that I am.

Ericka D. Hines review for Wayward Kind
Ericka D. Hines
Aug 13, 2020

I hired the Wayward Kind Team to give my consulting firm a marketing rebrand and build me out a new website

The Adaway Group is a Black Woman owned firm. The owner Jules Taggart and The Wayward Kind team spent time with me getting to know and understand my company and my clients. They helped me build out a brand that truly speaks to who I am.

This team was so smart, so responsive. They brought our work together in on time and under budget. I can not recommend their creativity, professionalism and care highly enough. The value I have gotten goes way beyond my final bill.

I will continue to use and recommend them to anyone who will listen to me sing their praise.

These are best in class highly qualified folks. You want to work with them, trust me

Desiree Adaway review for Wayward Kind
Desiree Adaway
Aug 12, 2020

Jules and her team at Wayward Kind come with great qualifications and have a collaborative and professional approach to all their work. They combine high level marketing expertise with the web development which makes the design work much more effectively in appearance, communications and functionality. The work was performed exactly on schedule. I highly recommend this company.

Arun Prem review for Wayward Kind
Arun Prem
May 15, 2020

The Wayward Kind team is a dream to work with! They are a group of highly talented and capable marketing professionals. They deliver quality work, on time, and have exceeded our expectations from the start. It is clear that Jules and her team have the right mix of skill, creativity, passion, and accountability. I feel 100% confident recommending them to anybody needing a trustworthy and highly competent marketing team. I think one thing I appreciate the most, besides the fact that they deliver high quality work on time, is that they truly listen. Due to situations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, our very first project with them commenced before we had a chance to undertake an onboarding process. They barely knew us, but because they are such good listeners and so skilled at what they do, they created a highly successful campaign on very short notice. They really nailed it! Wayward Kind is quite possibly the best investment our small business has ever made.

Laura McFarland review for Wayward Kind
Laura McFarland
May 13, 2020

I've worked closely with web designers & consultants for several companies over the last 20 years, & my experience with the Wayward Kind team has been absolutely fantastic & refreshing. Creating a website that is unique, creative & reflective of a company's mission is no easy task, & I've felt throughout the entire process that the Wayward team has the best instincts of any firm I've ever dealt with. The relationships I've built with these folks has evolved in the most authentic & organic way. The entire team is sincerely interested in our company's service, & it shows in the quality of their work. If you're looking to work with a website firm, do yourself & your company a favor. Take a moment to speak with Jules & you'll understand what I mean.

Danny Baseheart review for Wayward Kind
Danny Baseheart
May 15, 2019

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