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Spectrum thoroughly demonstrated their expertise when it comes to website content. First through SEO training and then by rewriting pages on my website, they made it easy for me to make long-overdue content-related changes. They provided data from GA and GSC and then gave specific recommendations on how to improve my content and its performance in organic search. Essentially they wrote optimized content with keywords used by my audience. They also helped me figure out changes to my navigation menu so it's logical for my audience.

Sheila Dizon-Burns review for The Spectrum Group Online, LLC
Sheila Dizon-Burns
Apr 15, 2022

I have interacted with the folks from SGO as both a client and a student and couldn't be more pleased with their work. One of the things I learned in their class is that the digital marketing landscape changes so fast and so often that you have to stay constantly up-to-date about the current landscape in order to stay competitive. Alyson and Massimo are both dedicated students in this regard, and have always have the most up-to-date information to share about how to ensure that the people who need what I have to offer are able to find me easily online. Their partners are top-notch and they're nice people to boot. You really get what you pay for with these folks. Highly recommend.

Andrew Pulkrabek review for The Spectrum Group Online, LLC
Andrew Pulkrabek
Apr 30, 2021

I have nothing but great things to say about the team at The Spectrum Group Online. For years, they've been managing my website, making sure it's up to date and that there are no issues. In the last 4 months, they've been running Facebook ads for me, and I'm thrilled with the results. Great ads. Tons of leads. A steady effort to improve the leads. Very responsive. If you want to be seen on social media, you should definitely talk to The Spectrum Group Online.

Betty Kaufman review for The Spectrum Group Online, LLC
Betty Kaufman
Dec 26, 2020

Spectrum has been managing my website for years. Technology and web security changes often, making it hard for a small business to keep up. I never worry because the Spectrum team takes care of the critical details. I particularly appreciate they proactively keep my website safe and secure. Peace of mind and great customer service. That's why I can highly recommend them!

Alison Salisbury review for The Spectrum Group Online, LLC
Alison Salisbury
Oct 17, 2019

Our business grew, greatly due to the efforts of the Spectrum team. They are a focused company with great experience and plenty of talent to support their process. Jen Currier, in particular, is an excellent PM, who helped us every step of the way.

They helped us re-design our website from the ground up and used tools such as Keyword Research and Heatmaps to help drive leads to our company. We had the best year in the history of our company, in part due to Spectrum's efforts.

I do not hesitate to highly recommend them.

Mark Feldstein review for The Spectrum Group Online, LLC
Mark Feldstein
May 08, 2018

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