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The James Agency is our 3rd attempt at a true Marketing partner and finally our small, niche company has found a true partner in our marketing success. TJA has been expert at listening attentively to all our needs and offering feedback and advice that was relevant to OUR business, rather than their bottom line. When we have transition to a new rep with TJA, the transition is smooth and it's evident that the new person has been educated on the in's and out's of our needs. Vinum55 has found a true marketing home!

Raini Keyser review for The James Agency
Raini Keyser
Feb 19, 2021

Working with The James Agency has provided our business with the keys to take our brand and elevate it in a way we did not know was possible. Their creative team took all of the elements of our business, and created a story we could translate into a website, social media campaigns, messaging, and even to our employees.

Working with each team member at The James Agency has been a true pleasure, their talented team is thoughtful, creative, funny, and HARDWORKING. While they make it seem easy, you can tell how invested they are in delivering one of a kind work.

We've also seen results...Year over year our pay per click campaigns has experienced growth, and helped us drive bookings for our hotel. The media team is focused on driving results and optimizing all campaigns, they are honest about what works and what doesn't and looks out for your companies best interest.

Thank you The James Agency, for being uniquely cool, laid back, professional, creative, and inspired!

Elise Quick review for The James Agency
Elise Quick
Nov 20, 2019

Our Brand has been working with The James Agency for over one year now. In that time, we’ve found them to be a delight to work with. Their Team is just as creative and fun loving as they are responsive and organized. Our collaboration with them has really helped grow our young Brand, and we couldn’t be more pleased!!

Dr Gingers Products review for The James Agency
Dr Gingers Products
Nov 19, 2019

Working with the James Agency is truly a pleasure! They have a commitment to excellence in everything they do, and it shows by the awards we have won for our marketing this year. The part we most enjoy about working with TJA is the passion and sincere excitement with which they approach each project. It makes creative brainstorming a very enjoyable experience.

With the new evolution of the Costa Mesa brand created with TJA, we really see not only results in driving bigger numbers of our target market to our site, but a real head-turning, beautiful campaign that we get comments on from peers and industry leaders around the country.

Costa Mesa review for The James Agency
Costa Mesa
Nov 14, 2019

Greenlight loves The James Agency! Their diligent and detailed process allowed them to really understand our corporate strategy. They worked with us to take that strategy and develop a strong brand identity, logo, keywords, and collateral that really hit the mark. On top of that, their team is smart, talented and fun. A joy to work with!!

Patricia Watts review for The James Agency
Patricia Watts
Oct 21, 2019

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