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Partnering with Castle Group’s team of PR experts on multiple client projects resulted in remarkable success for all parties involved. Castle Group’s aptitude across practices from event planning to pressing national crises proves the team’s advanced, well-rounded expertise. The firm delivers personalized, tailored services to clients of all scopes.

Anne Buchanan review for The Castle Group
Anne Buchanan
Sep 29, 2017

We have lived at Le Club International for approximately 5 years. Castle Management took over as management company for our building approximately 11 months ago, replacing the property management company which had been in place since the condominium was turned over to the Association by the developer (approximately 2004). The previous manager and maintenance staff did basically nothing to maintain the building; waiting for things to break and replace them instead of carrying out the required preventative maintenance. Some of the staff actually made us feel as if they were doing the owners a favor by fixing something reported in need of repair or for simply calling to announce that a Fed Ex package had arrived. The atmosphere was tense to say the least. We have lived in several condos, some good, some not so good, but we never expected we would encounter such arrogance and deceit from a Management company as we did from this company, the previous manager and all but one staff member. The amount of monthly maintenance our owners pay was reason enough to expect competent and congenial staff.

Suffice it to say, we are amazed at the job Renee Bulger and her team from the Castle Group have done in 11 short months. To say that they were faced with acrimony among residents and building in complete disrepair is a huge understatement. We are so pleased with the number of repairs and improvements and the quality of the work done. Renee is a consummate professional and she has assembled a capable and pleasant team. Pablo and Manuel have done more work in the past 11 months than the previous engineer managed to accomplish in our five years of residence. The front desk staff are astute, professional and courteous and the common areas are finally cleaned properly; it is so refreshing! There is a vast difference in the appearance of the building, the infrastructure of the building and the financials since Renee and her team from Castle Group have been with us at Le Club.

Kelly Lonergan review for The Castle Group
Kelly Lonergan
Aug 18, 2016

When you want something done right, you hire The Castle Group. We recently planned an event in D.C. and their events team was amazing to work with. They also have an awesome PR team that practically knows every reporter in the Boston-area. I can't wait to work with them again!

Amanda Reid review for The Castle Group
Amanda Reid
May 20, 2016

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