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Fourteen months ago, we took a chance on Status Digital; weary of normal SEO strategies, we were looking for a different approach.

Our past experiences with SEO firms are typical of so many businesses--a few months following the initial work, we would see an uptick in call-ins and digital traffic, followed by a period of decline. When asked how to rebuild the footprint, other SEO firms would ask for more money, after which we would see another uptick, followed by a decline...and the cycle would repeat indefinitely.

Status Digital approached with a different game plan, which was intriguing. Again, tired of the norm, we took a chance on their pitch that it would take 2-6 months, but that once we reached the top spot, we would stay there.

I've held off on writing this review for a long time, on the off chance that we would drop from the top spot.

My doubts were unfounded.

Not only did SD put us in the top spot, but we have remained there, consistently, across many different keywords and phrases.

Our digital traffic and call-ins have increased 325% year to date.

Status Digital is directly responsible for a 60% increase in closed business. Indirectly, we estimate an additional 20% increase in closed business (customers who find us through other means, but find us in the top internet search rankings when they perform research on our company)

We have expanded Status Digital's work with us to other divisions and branches, and have introduced them to other companies as a direct result of the phenomenal work they have done.

Josh and Dan have been incredibly responsive to our needs and have help manage our wants, while delivering on their promises.

I could not be more pleased with the work they have performed, and am beyond grateful that they have played such a pivotal role in our business for more than the last year.

As a final note, it is a direct result of Status Digital's work on our behalf that has allowed our business, not only to retain all employees during this pandemic, but allowed us to expand our employee base.

Josh, Dan and Nigel--Thank you for all you have done, for your friendship and for your amazing work.

Graham Gourley review for Status Digital Group
Graham Gourley
Dec 16, 2020

When we were first contacted by Status Digital, I was skeptical due to the numerous SEO companies who continually make attempts to earn our business. As such, I approached our initial relationship with caution and took time to research their work and speak with current clients.

The clients I spoke with raved about their work, and more importantly their results. Given these referrals we gave Status a chance.

Now nearly a year later, I can honestly say we are one of their raving fans. Status has delivered a fantastic new website, and more importantly have achieved great SEO results and increased business.

I have worked with several SEO companies over the past 15 years, and I can honestly say Status is the real deal, delivers for their clients and have become a trusted partner.

If you have an opportunity, I strongly suggest you give them a chance to prove how they can deliver results for you.

GM Spangler Restoration

Ken Sussex review for Status Digital Group
Ken Sussex
Nov 19, 2020

My name Is Matt Hopkins and I am Co-Owner of Evergreen Roofing Solutions. We, like most companies, ran through a gauntlet of "Big" SEO companies, who talked the talk but didn't walk the walk. Never obtaining the rank and ROI we were expecting. We were fed up with these types of companies and then one day, through a connection from a past company, we got introduced to Dan Ruch and his company Status Digital. He and his team are good people who know what they are doing and are in-tune with Google and their ever changing universe. Dan and his team have helped us achieve our goals online and we are setting new goals for our long-term relationship with these guys. They are easy to talk to, very responsive to make changes and flexible to help us with our online presence. I never thought I would write a 5 star review for an SEO company, but today I am very happy to be partnered with Status Digital and excited to be writing this 5 Star Review! Thanks again Dan, and Thanks to your Team.

Matt Hopkins review for Status Digital Group
Matt Hopkins
Jun 26, 2020

Dan and Josh are an incredible team to work with. They both are accountable, dependable, and adjust to your needs by the drop of a hat. These guys do the dirty work with a smile on their face and make sure you stay informed and educated on all of their processes. I'd highly recommend working with Status! They've produced incredible results for us just working with them for the first few months. We've now counted on them for over a year and we look forward to our future projects moving forward with them. Thanks guys!

Julia George review for Status Digital Group
Julia George
Apr 06, 2020

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