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I appreciate you sharing your expertise. During the session, we received a wealth of knowledge regarding SEO and tools to help our business and our website. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge, and I'm eager to learn more.

Jake Williams review for SEO Inc
Jake Williams
Nov 26, 2021

I’m fairly new with SEO Inc., but I have to say, these guys are KILLING it for me! We've made some big gains in a relatively short period of time.

Personally, the most frustrating thing when dealing with SEO and internet marketing companies is that I have no idea what they’re doing for the money I’m paying them. I'm used to investing thousands of dollars go get meager results and to be told to just be patient.

This was not the case with SEO Inc. Right away I found out that my website had a lot of coding errors, bad backlinks and other technician problems that were really hindering its performance. SEO Inc. made me aware of all of the issues and developed a step-by-step plan to get us ranking on top again.

My account manager, Taylor is awesome! We have frequent calls to review reporting, strategies and marketing content. She is quick to reply to emails and to execute any changes we’ve discussed. I really appreciate the personalized and accurate service.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, definitely get these guys on your team. Five stars for SEO Inc.!!!

Chris Knuth review for SEO Inc
Chris Knuth
Oct 18, 2019

I have been with SEO Inc. for more than a year now and can’t say enough about Garry and his team. They are always available to answer questions and are great about keeping me up to date with my optimization plan. Most importantly, I have seen a dramatic increase in my business as a result of it. I couldn’t recommend this company enough.

Matthew Nesbitt review for SEO Inc
Matthew Nesbitt
Nov 01, 2018

Our company has retained the services of SEO Inc., and we are very happy with their services, their communication and their ability to help us drive traffic to our site.

As to be expected from their name, their specialty is search engine optimization, and they’ve seen every iteration of the “algorithm”, and it shows in the work they do for us and the advice they give us.

We appreciate their flexibility in service offerings. In cases where we have staff that is quite capable of doing much of the work that is needed, they have given us the strategy and a bit of the “playbook”, and in cases where we might have had the playbook, but not the staff to get it done, they stepped in for us.

We have worked with them on and off for more than a decade. We've had periods where we work with them more, or work with them less, but with their service attitude, they were always a phone call away and helping us with solid advice. Any time we needed an SEO reset, we'd call them and they'd get to work immediately. It always pays off. Highly recommended to include in your short list.

Mike Sullivan review for SEO Inc
Mike Sullivan
May 11, 2018

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