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Working for Sculpt was one of the more formative experiences I have had professionally. I credit Josh and the rest of the Sculptrons with much (if not all) of the digital marketing knowledge I’ve gained over my career.

After moving on to grad school and ultimately working for “big toilet paper,” I continue to refer colleagues, contacts, friends, and others who are in need of digital marketing to Sculpt. 5/5 , 10/10, 100/100

Alexander Rose review for Sculpt - B2B Social Media Agency
Alexander Rose
Sep 04, 2020

Josh and the Sculptrons might sound like a cool indie band playing at The Mill next week, but they really do rock at all things digital, social, and marketing. I’ve worked with Sculpt for most of my first year as the new owner of University Scooters (formerly MopedU) here in Iowa City. Right away, I knew we were onto something great as we dove deep into what our company really stands for and who our customers really are. This built a super solid foundation and every project they took on for us felt like an exact match to our brand and mission.

We were even able to launch a complete rebranding of our company with the help of Sculpt. They worked with us on tangible elements like logos, colors, and fonts, but they also took into account the SEO, social media, and other aspects we might have overlooked. Their whole team has been knowledgeable, skilled, and, perhaps most importantly, available. We never hesitated to reach out to them with any other questions or zany new ideas we had.

If social isn’t your superpower, you need to DM Sculpt.

Tyler Persinger review for Sculpt - B2B Social Media Agency
Tyler Persinger
Jan 28, 2020

Have had the pleasure of working with Josh and his team professionally now for over a year. The passion and love for the craft shows in everything that they do. The commitment to his clients is something that every business owner should strive for. Anyone looking to work with the best in the social media marketing field look no further Sculpt has you covered.

Ryan Toth review for Sculpt - B2B Social Media Agency
Ryan Toth
Sep 11, 2019

As a fellow Digital Marketer, I was recently asked to participate as an SEO expert panelist in "Let's Get Digital," a Sculpt sponsored monthly event for local SMBs. First, the event was amazing! Second, Josh and the entire Sculpt team displayed their digital marketing knowledge and expertise. I was very impressed! Thanks to the entire team. -- Sherry Bonelli, early bird digital marketing

Sherry Bonelli review for Sculpt - B2B Social Media Agency
Sherry Bonelli
Apr 20, 2019

It was a wonderful experience working with Sculpt to launch our new website and digital marketing strategy. We went to Sculpt because we knew that they were experts in digital media. They helped us understand how to use social media effectively as well as meet specific goals established at the beginning of our meetings. The workshop atmosphere was tailored directly to our company to meet our goals. Their ability to listen and interpret our needs was imperative for launching our website. The Sculpt team exceeded our expectations and our goals and provided exceptional customer service. :)

Cindy Knebel review for Sculpt - B2B Social Media Agency
Cindy Knebel
Oct 23, 2017

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