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The Sauce marketing team has done a great job understanding us and our customers and providing valuable insights, action items and guidance. We are excited to get started with implementing the strategy they put together for us. I appreciate the clear process and tools they use to provide visibility to what is being worked on and communicate along the way.

Julie Springer review for Sauce Marketing
Julie Springer
Dec 15, 2021

Sauce Team, thank you for designing our website! I’m very happy with the site, and I wanted to share a compliment I just received from a banker I do business with. He told me that the site is really good and whoever made it did a really great job. I told him Sauce Marketing designed it, and he said this is the best CPA website he’s ever seen—it’s so easy to understand exactly what we do and how we help people! Thank you for helping us tell our story and connect with new prospects.

Gregory Chaliff review for Sauce Marketing
Gregory Chaliff
Nov 24, 2021

I hired Kim as a consultant to help me fine-tune a digital marketing strategy for a company.  Kim is sharp as a razor - she asked all the right questions and generously offered her expertise.  A couple of things stood out in a big way - Kim's expertise in digital marketing is both broad and deep and she knows precisely what, when and how to apply solutions to achieve business objectives. In addition, she is authentic and a true partner to whatever task is at hand.  I highly recommend Kim for anyone seeking a brilliant, integrity-based marketing consultant.

Lita Carpenter review for Sauce Marketing
Lita Carpenter
Feb 12, 2020

We worked with Sauce to help us with our rebranding and they built our website. They are energetic, creative and fun to work with and they provide high quality service. We highly recommend Sauce to spice up your business!

Dr. Dale and Lee Ann Foster review for Sauce Marketing
Dr. Dale and Lee Ann Foster
May 31, 2018

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