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We've been working with Annie and her team for four months now and are very happy with their work! Every meeting with the team is productive and creative, and makes us feel confident that we chose the right marketing company. We can't wait to see what the future holds for our business.

Madeline Odom review for Rock Candy Media
Madeline Odom
Jan 25, 2020

My first touchpoint with Rock Candy Media and Annie was beyond what I could have reasonably anticipated. First and foremost, I felt heard and I trusted Annie's competence and commitment to delivering results for her clients. Secondly, my impression was that I had found the team with the skill set that I don't have but that I need. I felt that when I hire this team they'll deliver on their promises, educate me, and 'wow' me.

Reagan Wood review for Rock Candy Media
Reagan Wood
Jan 06, 2020

I accompanied my CEO to an introductory exploratory meeting with Rock Candy not knowing what to expect. I left not knowing what had just happened. The meeting was pure fuel powering the incredible brainstorm session that lasted over two hours but feeling like only minutes. Annie was prepared, extremely well versed on all subject matter discussed and truly a breath of fresh air. Candid, real, intuitive, perceptive, passionate and credible. All the rumors are true. Rock Candy is the REAL deal.

Marley McConnell review for Rock Candy Media
Marley McConnell
Dec 02, 2019

Wow, most passionate marketing group I've talked to yet. Very impressed with the initial sales meeting: they went deep into not only our website but our competitors as well, turning up insights right there in that first pitch meeting. Annie, the CEO, is what my mother would call "a character," going a million directions at once but all aimed at helping clients hit the mark with customers. Great first impression.

Adam Gravois review for Rock Candy Media
Adam Gravois
Jul 23, 2019

I had a wonderful intro meeting with Annie. It was such a great experience. After talking to her and going over all the amazing things RCM could do for my business I left the meeting knowing my business was in great hands and that's what is important. They made me feel confident that they could make a big difference in my business and even though it's a very small business that didnt seem to matter. Very few people have impressed me and blown me away as much as Annie and Rock Candy Media have. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Brenton Talbott review for Rock Candy Media
Brenton Talbott
Feb 10, 2016

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