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Red Branch is such a terrific resource! They are responsive, creative, and results-oriented. They are a pleasure to work with and always make our brand look better!

Liz Bardetti review for Red Branch Media | Marketing and Advertising
Liz Bardetti
Jul 05, 2018

We've been working with Red Branch Media for more than a year now. We work with them on our client-facing web development, along with design for our web presence and other marketing.

Since we began working together, we've had an opportunity to notice a few things:

1) they are extremely responsive and punctual, giving regular updates on the status of a project 2) They are organized and reliable, and will ask questions to best understand each task 3) They never delay projects, and manage their project queue quite well based on each project's priority 4) They are a an absolute pleasure to work with, and their kindness is always an appreciated extra nice touch on their meticulous work

I would strongly recommend them to anyone considering a new marketing agency.

William Callahan review for Red Branch Media | Marketing and Advertising
William Callahan
Jan 31, 2018

I handle the marketing efforts for my employer Triage Staffing, and Red Branch has been such a pleasure to work with. RB always has fresh marketing/branding ideas to bring to the table, but also respects the vision Triage Staffing has in mind. I work most closely with Eric Foutch, the digital marketing manager, and would highly recommend him. Simply put, they know their stuff and they will take care of you.

McKenna Slack review for Red Branch Media | Marketing and Advertising
McKenna Slack
Apr 05, 2017

Best little marketing agency you'll ever find! I love working at Red Branch Media and the work that gets done is impeccable. I would recommend to anyone - as a place to have a career or as a marketing agency!

Haylie Rawlings review for Red Branch Media | Marketing and Advertising
Haylie Rawlings
Nov 30, 2016

Starting your own business is scary. From building a client base to meeting deadlines to delivering a product you can take pride in - I've got my work cut out for me at Lighthouse Research & Advisory. I've had the pleasure of calling Maren a friend for years, and I knew when I started down this path that I was going to need her help. She and her team at Red Branch Media have earned a reputation for doing great work in content, social media, SEO, and paid search - but what always impressed me was their brand work. They bring the energy and edge that their company culture is rooted in to the branding work they do for their clients, and I knew there was no one else that I could trust to breathe life into my vision for Lighthouse.

Fast forward to today - three months since we started working together - and I cannot stop talking about the work they've done for me in such a short amount of time. Full disclosure: I am not a branding expert, nor do I have much of a knack for design. But after a few conversations where I was sure they couldn't possibly understand what I wanted because I couldn't for the life of me articulate it... they've brought my brand to life. And life is good, friends.

Their design team - led by Kyle Christensen - designed my logo with just a few pictures that inspired me, and created beautiful templates for published research (and finished THREE ASSETS IN ONE WEEK). Their web development team - led by Jeremy Hogan - built a beautiful landing page with great copy and compelling CTA with little to no direction from me. We still have much to do, but I can confidently say we're killing it together.

Kyle Lagunas review for Red Branch Media | Marketing and Advertising
Kyle Lagunas
Oct 29, 2015

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