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I fancy myself to be a creative individual. HIGH expectations. A couple years ago I needed a logo to capture the essence of my company. Plain and simple. And that’s exactly what I got. A beautifully designed logo that exceeded ALL expectations. Today, we have a great working relationship and they have turned into my ‘go-to’ team for anything design related. We just wrapped up a printable/digital flyer that is superior to anything else I’ve ever seen and I couldn’t be more excited about it. I’m beyond grateful to have met this team and I will continue to refer them out to anyone I know.

David Parker review for Powell Creative, LLC
David Parker
Dec 20, 2021

The Powell team worked with us on our rebrand and did a phenomenal job. The result was everything we were looking for and more. But what was most notable was the process getting to the result. The Powell team works quickly and communicates consistently. They make it easy. And, they don't stop until the client is happy. Fantastic results and top notch service.

Danielle Eldredge review for Powell Creative, LLC
Danielle Eldredge
Aug 20, 2021

I had an absolutely wonderful experience working with Powell Creative to launch my brand and shop. Even before signing with Wayne and the team, Powell provided me with wonderful advice and recommendations. And as we worked on my project for the next few months, the team was always responsive and focused on problem solving. Instead of hearing "we can't do that", I would hear "that can't currently be done, but here are options and solutions A, B, and C we've found for you." They are truly wonderful creative and technical partners to work with!

Rachel Penn review for Powell Creative, LLC
Rachel Penn
Jun 01, 2021

I have been using Powell Creative since launching my company about 20 years ago. They are the best in every category and they are exceptionally proficient at listening to my needs and adjusting on the fly. They are priced fairly and the response time is always immediate. I could not say enough good things about Wayne, Scott and the Powell Creative team.

George Cohn review for Powell Creative, LLC
George Cohn
Apr 01, 2021

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