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Move Digital is an excellent company to work with. Great staff, responsive and professional. We engaged them to help launch our new social platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn 3 years ago. They also rebuilt and launched a new website that has been great for our firm. Highly recommend MD!

David Little review for Move Digital Group
David Little
Jan 06, 2021

Move Digital has been such a great help to my organization. Their social media ads were incredibly efficient, and it helped me stretch my budget for promoting a big event. They were wonderful to work with!

Daniel Owen review for Move Digital Group
Daniel Owen
Mar 04, 2020

Opening a new business is an incredibly stressful endeavor requiring attention across all aspects of the business. I contracted The Move Digital Group to help me launch the social media presence of the Fractal Brewing Project brand. They managed the initial design of the website coordinating between the back-end build team and the Fractal team to ensure our voice came through in a clean design optimized for mobile and desktop. They managed our social media accounts posting at a steady frequency and replying quickly to direct messages and post engagements. They also ran targeted ads for key events. These services allowed me to focus on the mechanics of getting the business started instead of worrying about capturing the next interesting image to post. Their efforts resulted in close to 2500 new followers on both Facebook and Instagram over a six-month campaign. I highly recommend the Move Digital Group!

Larry Lowe review for Move Digital Group
Larry Lowe
Feb 28, 2020

The team at Move Digital Group have been a tremendous resource to me throughout my career as a marketer. The monthly Lunch and Learns have proven invaluable in the amount of up-to-date knowledge and support they provide, including helping me stay on top of new and emerging technology and the always changing FB algorithms... Additionally, I've hired their company to help manage social media accounts in the past. Someone on their staff was always available and made sure my organization's pages were well taken care of. I highly recommend Move Digital Group!

Samantha Nielsen review for Move Digital Group
Samantha Nielsen
Jan 31, 2020

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