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If you need an extension of your team, Manley will do what is needed and operate how you need to fit right in. I know that completing projects with Honeywell is not the easiest task, but this team is always up for the challenge. When things could go awry, they are quick with the initiative and will not stop at making sure it is a product that the customer is happy with. This team does amaze me on their versality, responsiveness, and adaptability. I would recommend Manley for creative and marketing needs for a business.

Mai-Trang Tran review for Manley Films
Mai-Trang Tran
Jun 01, 2022

We used Manley Films based on an Investor Relations peer's recommendation, after they provided their filming services for an Investor Day. From top to bottom, the team was absolutely fantastic to work with and was instrumental in executing a successful virtual event. I would highly recommend using the Manley team for any video production needs.

Michael McCloskey review for Manley Films
Michael McCloskey
Mar 15, 2022

I can't say enough good things about Manley Films. Not only is their work of the highest quality, but every member of their team is top-notch and I thoroughly enjoy working with them. More than once, they have taken our vision and turned it into a reality. During COVID, they have made it possible for us to continue producing video content by implementing A+ safety protocols that have made everyone on set feel comfortable. I highly recommend Manley Films for your video production and photography needs.

Melinda Langdon review for Manley Films
Melinda Langdon
Sep 30, 2021

I work for a nonprofit organization who worked with Manley Films during the height of the pandemic to allow us to continue to host our largest annual fundraiser event - our western themed gala - virtually. Everyone at Manley Films was not only professional but they were creative and innovative which really set our program apart from other virtual fundraising events. To this day, I still receive comments about how well our event was put together, the quality of the videos and programming, and how well the event flowed so naturally. Jim Manley (owner) and Jason Allread (Head of Production) genuinely want to assist in the success of your business/company/organization in addition to providing high-quality production and videos which I think is really unique to this company. Manley Films was prompt in their responses and continued to be professional even through tough times during the pandemic. They were very honest about their health and safety protocols and even hired on a Registered Nurse (BSN) to oversee the safety and wellness of the staff, clients and equipment which I also thought went above and beyond my expectations. We felt comfortable and cared for. They were open and honest about their recommendations and every staff member I met whether the photographer, sound/AV guys, equipment manager, camera operator, literally EVERYONE was pleasant, polite, caring and provided quality service. Again, I think this really sets the Manley Films team apart. I would highly recommend this company to others (and have made multiple referrals whenever asked). You will not only get kind and quality service, but the Manley team will truly highlight your company's best. Thank you to everyone at Manley for your incredible quality and impeccable customer service!!

Stella O'Rourke review for Manley Films
Stella O'Rourke
Sep 24, 2021

Manley Films was a fantastic collaborator for our opera feature film. They were extremely efficient and thoughtful throughout the entire process. Every day, they contributed to such a great creative energy on-set and I would definitely work with them again. Manley Films is where it’s at!

Haley Stamats review for Manley Films
Haley Stamats
Sep 07, 2021

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