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Intensify launched Google Ads and Bing Ads for our company. We were excited to diversify our ad platforms (and not just have to rely on Facebook), but Intensify was able to help us turn the platforms into one of our most lucrative sources of leads and revenue.

Intensify also provided us with continuous new ideas to improve our growth regarding conversion optimization and Facebook ads. They also improved campaigns over time, driving more sales at a cheaper cost. We would definitely recommend them to other companies looking for help with paid ads and marketing strategy.

Jack Goodall review for Intensify
Jack Goodall
Nov 01, 2019

I have been working with Intensity for almost a year now and I am so incredibly impressed with the results. These guys really get marketing and how to get a return. They work tirelessly to uncover ever opportunity to help us get a good return on our marketing dollar. They helped us plan and execute a black friday sale that resulted in $115,000 in revenue in 2 days! Our business is up around 40% year over year and our margins are up 8% even with our nominal fee to Intensify. I would highly recommend Alex, Vanessa and the rest of the Intensify Team. If you hire them get ready to take your business to the next level!

Derek Thielen review for Intensify
Derek Thielen
Jun 07, 2019

Intensify produced immediate results for my firm. We are receiving new calls every day, and many of them have turned into viable cases. Alex has the unique ability to hone search terms to bring in targeted leads that fall within my practice areas. Marketing with Intensify has produced an excellent return on investment!

Andrea Goldman review for Intensify
Andrea Goldman
Oct 27, 2016

Working with Intensify has been a great experience. As a freelance writer, I've referred several clients to Intensify who were looking to build their online presence in order to attract more clients. The team at Intensify worked with me to design digital marketing plans that have helped grow their client base exponentially over the past year. Not only has their work helped to boost my reputation with my clients, but they were always extremely personable and responsive throughout the entire process. Thanks, Intensify!

Tessa Brennan review for Intensify
Tessa Brennan
Oct 26, 2016

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