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Hatfield Media recently revamped our website - Bluegrass Roller Service. Great company to work with. Can not say enough good things about their employees.

Kim Stewart review for Hatfield Media
Kim Stewart
Mar 07, 2022

It's not often you come across a company built on the traditional values we appreciate as business owners. Hatfield is just such a company. You can relax knowing that Drake is at the helm and ready to oversee your project from start to finish. As we've grown, it's always a win for us when having an advertising partner that you do not need to micro-manage. Not only do we feel secure in our online presence, and we can devote our horsepower towards the onslaught of daily challenges we all face as business owners. I can assuredly and confidently recommend Hatfield Media. Cheers, Doug Hetsch (Owner All American Chimney Service)

Douglas Hetsch review for Hatfield Media
Douglas Hetsch
Jan 12, 2022

These guys are the real deal. Their approach to SEO is bar none. When we first met with Hatfield, we were barely breaking 10,000 visits/views tour our websites via Google Search per month. We now average over 260,000 visits/views via Google Search per month! If you are located in Kentucky, and you Google "prohibition", nearly the entire first page of results is directly related to our business. It is INCREDIBLE--and it is only one of the many features Hatfield Media brings to the table. They have teams (plural) of professionals for any and every media/marketing service imaginable, along with the best analytics I've personally ever seen. Their responsiveness and turnaround times for support tickets are truly astonishing given the amount of business they do. The team at Hatfield makes you feel like you have an army of media and marketing professionals invested in helping you establish your brand and grow your business--because that's exactly what they deliver. If you need ANYTHING media/marketing related, and you want the best, you need to hire these guys!

Carson Hazelbaker review for Hatfield Media
Carson Hazelbaker
Oct 20, 2021

We started using Hatfield Media 3 years ago to handle our SEO. After just 2 months, we were able to stop using ad words all together because we were organically coming in on the top of a search for locksmith "stuff". Since then, Hatfield Media has redesigned our web site which we launched in November of 2019 and we think it looks amazing! And now we are in the final stages of approving a commercial. Using Hatfield Media has most definitely helped us grow by allowing us to reach more people. They are very professional and are good listeners (they don't try to sell you something you don't want). I would recommend Hatfield Media to any company who wants to grow.

lockdoctor LLC review for Hatfield Media
lockdoctor LLC
Dec 04, 2019

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