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I have worked with Gorilla 76 and love the dedication and commitment they have to their clients. It's great to see firms that understand what it takes to drive marketing success and G76 does this in spades!

Todd Hogan review for Gorilla 76
Todd Hogan
Sep 09, 2021

I worked with G76 as both a client and an advisor. As a client, they are one of the only marketing companies that truly "get" B2B manufacturers, and they offer an approach that goes far beyond what I've experienced from traditional marketing agencies.

Working with them as an advisor has been amazing. They bring an energy and passion to excel that makes them great to work with. They make my job easy.

Rob Tracy review for Gorilla 76
Rob Tracy
Jul 28, 2021

I've met & worked with several members of the Gorilla 76 team & every single interaction has been fantastic.

They hire smart people, seem to have a positive culture & they really know their stuff regarding marketing for manufacturing companies.

Their podcast (The Manufacturing Executive) is a great resource (as is their blog), so I'd encourage anyone to check those content sources out. You'll quickly find the caliber of company that exists at Gorilla 76.

Logan Lyles review for Gorilla 76
Logan Lyles
Jun 17, 2021

My company (Cap Collective, LLC) had the opportunity to work with Gorilla 76 on a project in Fall 2020. I really appreciated the professionalism and responsiveness they brought to the project. Nick T. from Gorilla 76 especially was a pleasure to work with. He supplied clear direction and was very attentive to any questions or needs we had. We work with a lot of different companies who provide a similar service, but if given the choice of who we enjoy working with, Gorilla 76 would be at the top of our list!

Christian Imbesi review for Gorilla 76
Christian Imbesi
Feb 23, 2021

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