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Fahrenheit created a great website for my business and have been very responsive and helpful in making updates as they were needed! I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for website design and hosting!

Ferdinand Blackwood review for Fahrenheit Marketing
Ferdinand Blackwood
Jan 07, 2022

We’re a ventured funded company that was looking for a partner to help us with some heavy-duty software development. Our needs were very specific, hence, our inability to find a solution off the shelf. We interviewed several companies and ended up deciding on Fahrenheit for a few reasons. First, the fact that they picked up their phones. That may seem like a no-brainer but let me tell you…many of these shops are simply not reliable. Another point that drove us to FM was their understanding of our needs. We explained once and they expanded on it as if the thing was their own idea…they offered a lot of insight and we enjoyed getting their perspective on an otherwise very complex application. The project lasted several months and they kept their head down until it was finished. We’ll be using them again for sure.

Dannie Harriss review for Fahrenheit Marketing
Dannie Harriss
Dec 03, 2021

Seems like the reviews here are echoing similar vibes, which we were able to confirm after just a couple of meetings with the Fahrenheit team. Their digital strategy team, albeit small (4 people) at the time of our encounter, was incredibly well versed in digital strategy and their insights were very valuable and instrumental in our decision making process. If you engage with them in digital marketing, you’ll receive these video updates where they walk you through the progress of your campaign and I have to say, it is to me much more insightful than a hundred pages with charts and meaningless abstracts. I also like the fact that their agreements are month to month. Puts them on a position to have to perform in order to secure my business. I like that.

Wade Tapscott review for Fahrenheit Marketing
Wade Tapscott
Dec 01, 2021

Our company came to Fahrenheit with the objective of creating a web experience for our clients and potential clients that reflected our culture and values. The team is exceedingly responsive, always offering thoughtful insights and bringing to light things we didn’t even consider at first glance. We have found that their experience is a valuable asset for us as we look to further define our brand and reach within our vertical.

George Cage review for Fahrenheit Marketing
George Cage
Nov 17, 2021

We hired Fahrenheit Marketing to help us with marketing automation and email marketing in general. They were able to offer us the tool (SharpSpring) for a fraction of the cost found on the platform’s website and they also have the chops to manage a granular digital campaign. We’ve been empowered with data we never thought available and that, in our business, is a game changer.

Rakib Hossain review for Fahrenheit Marketing
Rakib Hossain
Nov 09, 2021

Was as invested in the success of my business and product as if they were an equal partner. Best experience I've had.

Idris Ocasio review for Fahrenheit Marketing
Idris Ocasio
Apr 29, 2021

We needed web re-design and ecommerce functionality added during a peak time of sales for our online business. Fahrenheit came through and built out exactly what we needed. The really genius concept they implemented when configuring the server environment was build our wordpress site with version control on GitLab using CI/CD, which has been amazing not to worry about breaking the site with any future updates or code changes. Great team their technical CTO Tim really knows his stuff as well.

Daniel Taki review for Fahrenheit Marketing
Daniel Taki
Dec 10, 2020

A few weeks ago I reached out to Fahrenheit Marketing and had an initial Zoom call with Ricardo to discuss developing a website and doing some marketing for my company, Bridge To Shore Interventions. I was very much impressed with his knowledge and thoroughness. After the zoom call it got even better. Ricardo sent me an email with several presentations describing How & Why they do what they do. Ricardo has since taken so much time out of his busy schedule to help me navigate and determine the best option for my company. He was not "attached" to the idea I was going to possibly use his services but yet really cared that I was informed properly, pros & cons so that I could make an informed decision. I would refer anyone to Ricardo, hands down. Please don't hesitate to call them. You won't regret it. - Jay Schneider (Founder of Bridge To Shore Interventions)

Jay Schneider review for Fahrenheit Marketing
Jay Schneider
Oct 23, 2020

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