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Scott always does an excellent job of sharing SEO, and online presence, and online marketing information to entrepreneurs in layman's terms. His workshops are very easy to follow and lead you towards better a more cohesive online presence. Thanks Scott!

Dorothy Collier review for Drop The Strap Marketing
Dorothy Collier
Feb 22, 2019

Can't say enough great things about my experience with Drop The Strap. Scott is an SEO expert and the results achieved are phenomenal, but the best part is that it's all done with a personal touch that makes you feel valued - and it ensures that you learn more about your own business and the reasons behind the work being done. Best local SEO agency around!

Seth Haber review for Drop The Strap Marketing
Seth Haber
May 14, 2018

Drop The Strap helped me know where to spend money and time online to connect with my customers. There are so many SEO services out there it is hard to know what I need for my business. Scott helped me to focus on what was important and not waste time.

Brian Etz review for Drop The Strap Marketing
Brian Etz
Jan 21, 2018

I've consulted with Drop the Strap. Great company, great service, great info. People tell me it's easy to distinguish who's a reliable, go-to source of information in the SEO industry based on how much research and experimentation they do. Scott is one of these guys who is focused on seeing what drives rankings and providing that valuable info to his clients. I'll be checking in with him regularly, without a doubt.

Daniel Barbour review for Drop The Strap Marketing
Daniel Barbour
Jan 20, 2018

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