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Pleasure to work with. We had a very successful campaign with them and will definitely use them again. Campaign was not only very productive but they made it easy and efficient from start to finish. I have mostly worked with Amy and she is fantastic. Anytime we have questions she responds almost immediately. Highly recommend.

Jonathan Smith review for Broughton Partners
Jonathan Smith
Aug 14, 2019

I love working with Broughton Partners. As an intake associate, it is crucial that we match the plaintiff to the list of well-performing law firm clients that we have and make sure that they are a perfect match. Broughton provides associates like me all the necessary trainings and we’ve got supportive managers who are always ready to help us round-the-clock.

Jayson Stone review for Broughton Partners
Jayson Stone
Mar 12, 2019

I started working with Broughton Last year with a very successful campaign that was extremely successful. They are extremely responsive, knowledgeable, supportive and most importantly they do what they say they're going to do. I continue to work with them and I highly recommend the use of their services.

Darren Miller review for Broughton Partners
Darren Miller
Mar 09, 2019

Great group of people. They have a tremendous marketing machine and insight into the filed of mass torts, which torts carry the most promise and the best firms for placing them. I have been working with Chris Seitz for two years now and he has been a great resource.

Neil Shouse review for Broughton Partners
Neil Shouse
Feb 28, 2019

Chris, Steve and the whole team are top notch people. Everyone delivers on their word and the provided advice and strategies are priceless. I Highly recommend the team for your case acquisition needs

Justin Lovely review for Broughton Partners
Justin Lovely
Feb 28, 2019

I've had great success dealing with the partners at Broughton. They provide excellent marketing services and are extremely responsive to my needs. Chris, Damon and Cason are extremely knowledgeable and have never disappointed me. I highly recommend them as they deserve more than 5 stars.

Alexander Schack review for Broughton Partners
Alexander Schack
Feb 28, 2019

I have worked with Chris Seitz and his team for a few years now. I was new to Mass Torts when I first met Chris. I am a solo practitioner, and the amount of money needed to enter into Mass Torts was substantial to my small law practice. I needed someone I could trust. I've had my anxious moments wondering about my investments in Mass Torts, but Chris has always been able to calm me down. I look forward to making a lot of money with Chris on my current investments and in future investments in Mass Torts.

John Jackson review for Broughton Partners
John Jackson
Feb 28, 2019

Having been employed at an established law firm for several years, I can tell you firsthand the significant impact it will have on your firm if you take a step in the right direction by teaming up with Broughton Partners like we did!

The first call you make to any company and the treatment you receive will usually dictate your comfort level and confidence in them, two important deciding factors in whether you choose to utilize their service. Broughton Partners' 24/7 call center staffed with highly trained and compassionate professionals makes a major difference from the beginning and sets the tone for what is expected from us. They are usually the first point of contact for the injured seeking justice. At our firm, client service is a priority! When an injured person makes a call to our firm at 3 am while waiting in the emergency room following an accident, we want to KNOW that the person they speak with is able to provide the same level of excellent service provided within our firm and with Broughton Partners, there is never a doubt that our potential claimants will receive just that!

With Broughton Partners, we know that while every case is different and certain factors aren't always known at the start of a case, that the cases we receive are quality cases and meet our specific criteria. They worked closely with us to find out EXACTLY what it is we are looking for and what we aren't. The call center director is always quick to alert us whenever a case comes in requiring immediate attorney contact and for direction on any cases that fall in that gray area of our criteria. Then they take it a step further by discussing with us whether we need to make any changes to the established criteria based on those "gray area" situations.

While every case is different and certain factors may not be discovered until later in the investigative process, we now know before making the first call to a client that more often than not, their case meets our qualifications. We no longer spend time ordering and paying for accident reports to cases without merit. When we receive retained plaintiffs, we know whether they have injuries and what medical treatment they may have obtained, whether they are ready to get the medical treatment they need and actively pursue a claim. We also receive any photos they have from the accident scene, pictures of their injuries and in many occasions we receive the accident report and any medical records they have.

It is amazing how making the decision to team up with Broughton Partners has effected our firms efficiency and profitability by allowing us to use our time advocating for clients instead of finding clients to advocate for.

If you are a plaintiff's attorney and want to take your firm to the next level, call them today to find out the many ways they can help you accomplish that goal!

Queen Janae’s World review for Broughton Partners
Queen Janae’s World
Feb 09, 2019

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