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Blaze Digital created my business website and has been running my social media ads and it's been GREAT for my business. My website is already showing up on the first page of Google and I've gotten a lot of leads. Honestly, I've been getting more clients than I'm starting to have time for, which is a good problem to have! Would definitely recommend Blaze to anyone looking to promote their business online!

Craig Shelton review for Blaze Digital Services
Craig Shelton
Aug 26, 2020

Blaze built a landing page for Premier that ended up getting us 23 signed contracts. 100% recommend.

Thomas Asbury review for Blaze Digital Services
Thomas Asbury
Aug 22, 2020

Lucille and Victoria have worked with me in creating my therapy website (drsmiththerapy.com). It's definitely is the best one that I've ever seen. Not the content, just the style and polish. I get a lot of email offers from website agencies but they just don't get it. Lucille and Victoria are the best. They also have a great sense of humor!

Thomas Smith review for Blaze Digital Services
Thomas Smith
Aug 12, 2020

Digital marketing has made a huge impact on changing the game in the sales world. The team at Blaze Digital are well trained and experts in their field! I have had the pleasure (and good fortune) of experiencing the first-hand effects of their services, and what they have meant to the growth of my industry. Website egagement numbers soar when the Blaze team is working on your campaign!

I cannot recommend highly enough!

Lindsey Begue review for Blaze Digital Services
Lindsey Begue
May 11, 2020

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