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Our team had a great experience with Candy at Bizzy Bizzy. It was evident that she came prepared, so we were really able to optimize our 2-hour consultation. We now have a long list of to-dos for improving our website and building SEO. We will definitely be working with Bizzy Bizzy in the future.

Marissa Harkness review for Bizzy Bizzy
Marissa Harkness
Apr 04, 2022

I've worked with Bizzy Bizzy a few times, from big projects like designing the entire website to helping me keep up with the growth and changes to my business. I love our time together - our sessions are so productive, they crank out awesome work and I'm always left feeling more inspired and creative.

Jessica Cady-Bartholomew review for Bizzy Bizzy
Jessica Cady-Bartholomew
Oct 26, 2021

I went with the 1 day startup and it was great working with Mary Jane and Carly. I loved being in collaboration and having support in clarifying my brand voice. I also found it supportive having multiple perspectives offering feedback on style preferences/etc. I loved wordsmithing with Mary Jane and pouring through all the creative decisions with her and Carly.

I’m delighted with how my site and logo turned out. I also learned a lot in the process and now have the tools and confidence to change my site/make updates as needed. I highly recommend BizzyBizzy!

Nicole Henderson review for Bizzy Bizzy
Nicole Henderson
Oct 25, 2021

The team at Bizzy Bizzy is amazing. They have helped us on three projects - security, SEO optimization and most recently, redesigning a website. We've been very happy with each aspect of work from them. Our website looks great! They are quick to respond for assistance. Strongly recommend this great local business.

Mark Pocan review for Bizzy Bizzy
Mark Pocan
Sep 09, 2021

Our community-based organization had a great experience with Bizzy Bizzy. We participated in the one-day design workshop. They provided us with information about what we needed to prep beforehand. With just a few hours of work before, and working together on that day, we have a beautiful website with all of the functionality we need. We were also taught how to edit and update it. Both the format and feel of the site was perfect for our group because they spent time with us, asking questions and really getting to know us. We are very grateful to Candy and Mary Jane for working with us. Their support will move our group forward and the website will serve us for many years to come.

Christine Pribbenow review for Bizzy Bizzy
Christine Pribbenow
Oct 28, 2020

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