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I cannot recommend Anna and her team highly enough. She is very trustworthy and will manage your digital advertising needs competently and ethically. There are so many questionable digital advertising firms out there that over promise and under deliver. That is not Colibri Digital Marketing.

Megan Burns review for Colibri Digital Marketing
Megan Burns
Aug 29, 2020

Colibri Digital Marketing has really opened my eyes to both the need for digital marketing and the expertise required to achieve an effective web presence. They offer a broad array of digital marketing services, which gives them a broad portfolio of tools to implement for an effective digital marketing solution. Anna Colibri is such a great person to work with. She is so knowledgeable, but also empathetic and really wanted to get to understand my business. Anna is reliable, smart, and focused on quality and relationships. Together we’ve covered a broad range of things that they are helping us with including: Website design and search engine optimization, social media management, email marketing, content marketing, and Google AdWords. I’m so happy to have found Colibri Digital Marketing as our go-to online-presence adviser and resource.

Dan Bodner review for Colibri Digital Marketing
Dan Bodner
Oct 26, 2017

I met Anna at a networking event and I am so happy that I had hired her as my digital marketing strategist. I launched my business as a Fashion stylist and I needed help for my digital marketing and some writing to express with the right words what I do for my clients. Online presence is nowadays so important but can be tricky to create it. I feel like having Anna on my side was a huge plus.

After carefully listening to me to get a real sense of my job and my vision, Anna edited and reviewed my marketing materials for me and also gave me brilliant ideas about how to move forward with my marketing strategy. I feel like Anna made a difference and is a real asset when you are building your company. I highly recommend her!

Lili Henry review for Colibri Digital Marketing
Lili Henry
Feb 19, 2016

Working with Anna Colibri has been a wonderful experience. She is smart, tenacious and really cares about creating exactly the right brand for your business. Anna performed market research, keyword analysis and spent several hours with me to make sure that the brand we created was appropriate to the audience and true to the character of my design firm. Once Anna had crafted the vision, mission etc for my business I felt really confident talking about who we were and why were different from our competition. Anna also helped me create a whole new website by writing the copy, suggesting many elements that would improve the SEO and effectiveness of the site and editing, editing, editing. Now she's teaching us how to blog and manage our social media. So many skills in one dynamic woman!

Sarah Bashford review for Colibri Digital Marketing
Sarah Bashford
Aug 18, 2015

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