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TCG Network Services review for AMP Agency
TCG Network Services
Jul 20, 2018

Amazing place!

Stephanie Hill review for AMP Agency
Stephanie Hill
Oct 17, 2017

I temped being the front desk office manager for a while while they searched for a permanent replacement for my position. I received many calls at the front desk about the job while I was there for about two months because of their LinkedIn ad for the job. I really felt for those guys for applying and calling. I would transfer those calls to HR through out the two months, but despite the calls and the many LinkedIn applications the HR manager told me the hiring process wasn't "Looking so good." I gave them my two weeks because I had to leave early for financial reasons and because I was going to be moving soon. Even after that they weren't prepared for me to leave when I told them I would... Despite all that, the work environment is wonderful and the employees were very nice :)

Cam Fratus review for AMP Agency
Cam Fratus
Jul 16, 2017

It's tremendous.

John Krochune review for AMP Agency
John Krochune
Jun 29, 2016

I highly recommend NOT using this company Amp Agency.

J Boyd review for AMP Agency
J Boyd
Feb 19, 2013

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