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AIS Media is a great digital marketing agency partner for Atlantic Limousine! The team we work with communicates clearly so I can easily understand what they are doing and what our results are. We love Denise, Sam and Zoe!! I would definitely recommend hiring them for your digital marketing needs.

Jade Lantz review for AIS Media, Inc.
Jade Lantz
Apr 02, 2020

I love working with the AIS Media team, not only because of the team-oriented atmosphere, but because they put their clients first. They take the time to get to know the individuals behind the business and their goals to better guide their digital strategy, ensuring each client gets a customized marketing experience to find the unique needs of their business. Building these relationships is how AIS continues to produce award-winning digital marketing work on behalf of its clients. Keep it up!

Zoe Ferqueron review for AIS Media, Inc.
Zoe Ferqueron
Jan 14, 2020

One of the fantastic things about working with the team at AIS Media is they actually care about each client and put the client and their business first. It's not about a paycheck-- they won't take on a client unless they know the partnership is the right fit for everyone involved. The team works hard to make sure each client gets the attention and creative strategy they deserve. After witnessing firsthand the dedication and care AIS Media gives their clients, I feel confident any business looking to grow and expand will find a rewarding partnership right here.

Susanna Williams review for AIS Media, Inc.
Susanna Williams
Jan 08, 2020

I had a great experience working with AIS on our website development and SEO maintenance. The AIS team excelled in both areas and proved to be experts in the industry. The team was very responsive to my needs as a customer at all levels. Thank you for all your hard work. You guys are the best!

Jennifer West review for AIS Media, Inc.
Jennifer West
Dec 21, 2016

I have been working with the great team at AIS Media for over 3 years and heartily recommend them to business owners looking to improve their company's web rankings and digital marketing expertise. AIS' wide range of abilities in SEO analysis, content development, metrics reporting, etc. has resulted in my client's website (construction / remodeling sector) appearing at or near the top in Google and other search engines. They are adept in all areas of digital marketing — always staying on top of Google's newest algorithmic changes — resulting in solid advice and recognizing new opportunities. AIS Media is an excellent marketing partner if you're looking for a smart, energetic team to help create awareness for your business, attract targeted prospects, and achieve a real competitive advantage on the web.

Sandy Barth review for AIS Media, Inc.
Sandy Barth
Aug 23, 2016

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